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Pin-up commissions

These are commission pieces I did in the past years.

Old and new are mixed.

Jey soliva sun shower by jey2dworld d732rbs

Pin-up for Super Pros

Jey soliva bvs

Batman vs Superman

Jey soliva batman vs superman by jey2dworld d939k3s

Batman vs. Superman

Pencil and ink by me

Jey soliva joker by jey2dworld d67mxx3

Joker Commission

Jey soliva prophesy comics by jey2dworld d8f14yj

Prophesy Comics Cover

Jey soliva anara and vylezor by jey2dworld d8hcx18

Light Earth commission

Jey soliva batman vs deathstroke

Batman vs. Deathstroke

Jey soliva superheroes soner

Superheroes Attack

Jey soliva deadpool vs deathstroke by jey2dworld d9r7bcc

Deadpool vs. Deathstroke

Jey soliva fantastic four vs super skrull by jey2dworld d765eex

Fantastic Four vs. Super Skrull

Jey soliva hulk s wolverine by jey2dworld d7aaye1

Hulk vs. Wolverine

Jey soliva spider man vs rhino and scorpion by jey2dworld d77xfeb

Spider-Man vs. Rhino and Scorpion

Jey soliva teenage mutant ninja turtles vs foot clan by jey2dworld d7xcjjc

TMNT vs. Villains

Jey soliva wolverine vs sabertooth and ripclaw by jey2dworld d7iblkd

Wolverine vs. Sabertooth and Ripclaw

Jey soliva justice lord superman vs magneto by jey2dworld d5vcw6e

Justice Lord Superman vs. Magneto

Jey soliva koranthu created by john pross by jey2dworld d687w93


Character by John Pross

Jey soliva luke cage and iron fist by jey2dworld d65dpk9

Heroes For Hire

Jey soliva nova richard rider by jey2dworld d68lwa9


Jey soliva superman unbound pencils by jey2dworld d63ww9c

Superman New 52

Jey soliva average jo characters by jey2dworld d65jb0z

Average Jo

Characters by John Pross

Jey soliva batman and iron man by jey2dworld d5y3q42

Ironman and Batman

Jey soliva cyclops by jey2dworld d650pmr


Jey soliva gambit by jey2dworld d5zy0x6


Jey soliva hitokiri battousai by jey2dworld d5w33ef


Jey soliva superman vs hulk by jey2dworld d5yxpiu

Superman vs. Hulk

Jey soliva superman vs thor by jey2dworld d64tpya

Superman vs. Thor

Jey soliva the beast by jey2dworld d68kkgq

The Beast

Jey soliva wolverine vs deathstroke by jey2dworld d5we1y6

Wolverine vs. Deathstroke

Jey soliva wolverine vs sabertooth by jey2dworld d5yn7mz

Wolverine vs. Sabertooth

Jey soliva superman vs hulk by jey2dworld d6rz083

Superman vs. Hulk

Pencil and ink

Jey soliva superman vs doomsday by jey2dworld d6u2pix

Superman vs. Doomsday

Jey soliva tallon by jey2dworld d99kkth

Tallon commission

Jey soliva the wolverine by jey2dworld d99mvoi

Wolverine inks

Jey soliva the flash by jey2dworld d8ntb4t

The Flash

Jey soliva avengers and jla by jey2dworld d96hwaa

Avengers and JLA

Jey soliva conan and red sonja vs a dragon by jey2dworld d6znhyn

Conan and Red Sonja vs. dragon

Jey soliva conan and red sonja vs orcs by jey2dworld d6ryf7g

Conan and Red Sonja vs. Orcs

Jey soliva conan the barbarian by jey2dworld d6tl5at


Jey soliva the real ghostbusters by jey2dworld d7k8hlh

The Real Ghostbusters

Jey soliva dr doom triumphs over ironman by jey2dworld d6sfee3

Ironman vs. Dr. Doom

pencil and ink

Jey soliva ultimate thor by jey2dworld d7b4mbi

Ultimate Thor

Jey soliva eartling and primavera by jey2dworld d8f14qe

Earthling and Primavera created by Dave Brink

Jey soliva 15724834 1217914408257663 3638482272883877149 o

Earthling along with Primavera
Pencils by me
colored by Nestor Redulla Jr.

Jey soliva we are not alone by jey2dworld d8mem31

Batman: We Are Not Alone

Jey soliva wolverine vs raphael by jey2dworld d765at6

Wolverine vs. Raphael

Jey soliva hulk thunder clap by jey2dworld d76zx8z

Hulk clap

Jey soliva knight character sheet by jey2dworld d7kr97w

Killer Comics Character sheet commission

Jey soliva hulk vs heroes for hire commission by jey2dworld d6p5rdr

Hulk vs. Heroes for Hire

Jey soliva nova commission by jey2dworld d6miym4


Jey soliva servants of the secret cause page 7 by jey2dworld d6p6yfo

Servants Of The Secret Cause

created by Corry Fitchpatric

Jey soliva shingeki no kyojin by jey2dworld d7fwm70

Attack on Titan

Jey soliva silver surfer vs terrax the tamer by jey2dworld d75e77q

Silver Surfer vs. Terax The Tamer